Ryan is the Owner as well as the lead yoga instructor at REVIVE. Ryan has been teaching for almost 4 years now and is a 500 hour RYT.

Ryan has always been active and involved in sports and fitness growing up. He wrestled since the age of 6 until he graduated high school. After high school Ryan went through a rough patch. He had fallen off a righteous path into one of selfishness and self destruction. Looking back at it now it was these dark times that were the catalyst for his life being where it is today. The lifestyle Ryan had chosen would be halted by a life threatening car accident in 2013. 6 months after the accident when he was fully healed he walked into an MMA gym and started training. It was the sport of fighting that led him to his first yoga class. After working through a few yoga classes Ryan was left humbled. Yoga was so much more than just stretching. The combination of physicality tied with the strengthening of the mind is really what got Ryan hooked. There has been no looking back since then. Ryan has used his spirituality, yoga, and meditation practices to face his vices everyday. Ryan is very excited to share himself and these practices with the world.



Nathan is the Manager as well as a certified Yin Yoga and Meditation teacher at REVIVE. He has been a dedicated student of yoga ever since discovering it as a powerful tool for self exploration and transformation circa 2015.

His journey began when a friend of his recommended that he read the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. In that book he discovered a quote from Viktor Frankl that would forever change the direction of his life: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” This idea represented freedom. It meant that no matter what life threw at him, he could choose his response to it and nothing could take away his peace of mind without his permission. This, of course, is no easy thing to incorporate into a personality that was so naturally resistant to personal responsibility as Nathan’s was at this point in his young life. To be able to choose a different attitude needs certain prerequisites; a strong moral compass, a resilient and centered mind, and an awareness of the present moment so that opportunities to choose differently don’t slip by unnoticed. As he diligently searched for answers in the hundreds of books he would read over the following years, he eventually found mindfulness, then meditation, and finally yoga as an integrative practice. These practices, along with constant education in the realms of psychology, philosophy, meditation, and religion, continue to improve his mental fortitude, depth of relationships, and contentment to this day and he is incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to share his experience and passion for self mastery with other dedicated students of the yogic philosophy, practice, and way of life.

Kimburlee Jo Stewart

Kimburlee is a 200 RYT, she has practiced yoga for several years. Initially beginning a home practice to overcome PTSD. She was able to conquer her mental and physical ailments, losing 30lbs and gaining her best version of herself! She then decided to become a certified yoga teacher to assist others on their healing journey.

Since becoming a certified yoga instructor, Kimburlee has taught hundreds of classes, at various studios and gyms. She takes yoga wherever she is asked to go; corporate events, bridal parties, birthday parties, and girls night in.

She volunteers her time weekly at RISE domestic violence shelter where she teaches victims of violence how to love themselves through self care and the yoga practice. She also enjoys teaching the staff at RISE when they get a chance to join in a practice with shelter residents. Kimburlee strives to become a better version of herself every day, this shows in her love for teaching yoga.

Kimburlee has created a style all her own by taking what resonates with her from various yoga practices. Kimburlee's practice is one of mindfulness, she incorporates pranayama, meditation, body movements and asanas for a slow vinyasa hatha style yoga practice. Her classes are for all levels from beginner to advanced. She encourages her students to breathe on purpose, move with intention and pose like it was the last thing you will ever do. She also invites her students to be playful, explore their body and their mind while they are in a safe place on their mat. Kimburlee likes to remind her students that their yoga practice is where there are no judgements and no expectations; there is only acceptance, love and self care. She believes whatever you are looking for is already inside you, yoga is only a path to your authentic self..... the self you were before the world told you who you were.


Lindsey is a 200 hour RYT in Vinyasa and Aerial Yoga, and received her teaching certificate in Talalla, Sri Lanka . Lindsey first discovered yoga in high school, and it soon became something she would lean on throughout college, friendships, relationships, jobs, adulthood, moving across the world and back, and everything in between. Her mat was a space she could just Be. Be in better balance and deeper awareness, calm, and centered.

Through yoga, Lindsey was able to develop consistency and discipline, foster connection, and expand physically and mentally. Lindsey believes yoga is a unique practice for the mind, body, and soul that can have a positive impact on self confidence, empowerment, general emotional well being, and that it can take you as far as you desire to go, on or off the mat. Most recently, Lindsey returned to New York after traveling in Asia and living abroad in China, teaching English to children. Being abroad helped Lindsey to develop confidence and find her voice, while exploring and learning more about herself, humanity and the world.

Lindsey is passionate about sharing the human connection in helping others maintain and develop their own personal yoga practice. Through acceptance of ourselves she believes we can bridge gaps and embrace our own humanity, and help each of us to accept ourselves and one another more.

In addition to teaching, traveling, and yoga, Lindsey is interested in holistic health and foods. She likes to cook, read, paint, and is a dog lover!



Mike is thrilled to become a part of the REVIVE team! He caught the yoga bug about 4 years ago and hasn’t looked back! He’s taken several classes at the Baron Baptiste Institute including Level I, Level II, Being of Power, Art of True North Alignment, Art of Assisting, and Advanced Art of Assisting. He’s also taken classes through the Yoga Body Institute, which include Level I Assist & Align workshop, Yoga Body Institute Super Power Teacher Summit, and 40 Days to Personal Revolution. Mike has taught at American Family Fitness and has assisted countless times at Yoga Body Shop.

After two hip surgeries, two knee surgeries, and two torn rotator cuffs, Mike was limited in ways he could stay strong and fit. His wife had been attending Power Vinyasa Yoga classes and found it challenging, so Mike decided to try it…and that was all it took before he was hooked. At first, it was all about the physical; but eventually, through guided classes, he began to recognize the mind/body connection and incorporate that in his practice. Eventually, he was able to carry that mindset to his professional and personal life.

Mike is a people person and looks forward to helping individuals at their own level…without judgement. He understands that everyone in the yoga room comes with different experiences, desires, skills, and limitations. Mike looks forward to helping each individual live their best life through their own, individual yoga practice.



Bane is the polite and friendly studio dog and the companion of studio manager, Nathan.

All we ask is that you be mindful to not let him out when you open the front door and that when he rolls over on his back and wags his tail, to please scratch his belly as you walk past. He will be eternally grateful for your affection.